Our Story...

"Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is;
but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as you see the day approaching."
~Hebrews 10:25


The House of HIs Glory is a community of believers. We believe that as we fellowship together and learrn together, we will grow closer to God and to one another; and that together we will grow stronger just like a community of buidings and houses.
2 Corinthains 5:1 is one of the scriptures that describes Belivers as being like houses that Holy Spirit chooses to make his home.  And like a house is built from the foundation , we believe that our lives can be built the same way - and when they are, we will be more like the church from the book of Acts, and see our city changed.
That's why The House of HIs Glory is more than a place of worship - it's a home where God lives!  We value the word of God; the leadership Jesus and the presence of Holy Spirit in our lives - so that as we come together and are built as individuals, we build the House of God's Glory and collectively we are His Church!


  1. HoHG was founded September 6th 2013, by Pastor Deidre with her husband Terrance Jones and a small group of family and friends.
  2. We started with Friday night services at the Sylmar Rec Center then later shared space in a Zumba studio for the first year and a half.
  3. In 2015, just when we lost the lease on the studio, ~Pastor D went to Sacramento to help serve her Bishop's church for 6-months.
  4. During that time ~Pastor D kept the HoHG in tact by learning to serve and minister completely online - and way before FB Live existed!
  5. We finally got a larger sanctuary and held our first event one month before the Pandemic that made every other church digital like us!


Many people wonder if online church is right for them.  If any one of these statements fits you - then yes, The House of His Glory is the perfect place to fellowship online with a church community that's just like you!

  • My schedule is crazy; I have to work weekends
  • I travel all the time and can’t commit to a local church
  • It’s a challenge to get out to church services
  • I don’t do “organized religion”
  • I don’t need to go to a church to love God
  • Preachers just want your money
  • Church folk are judgmental hypocrites
  • I’ve never been to a church before
  • I’ve been hurt by a church before
  • All churches are the same… no thanks!

YOU are The Church! Come belong to a congregation and BE the Church!

~Pastor Deidre Campbell-Jones, PhD

Pastor Deidre Campbell-Jones has been active in ministry as a teacher, speaker and author ever since she accepted the Lord as her Savior in 1987 at the age of 21.  Just 6 months later she was already walking in her anointing as a bible teacher at New Testament Baptist Church in Sacramento and as a self-published, faith-based writer.  Although her educational background was in Music (Voice) and Dance, Pastor Deidre continued to teach, write and sing as a standard expression of her Christianity.  She is a publisher and author of several Faith-based publications, including Father, Brother, Lover, Friend: Finding “The ONE,” Be Made Whole: Body, Spirit & Soul and The Church Made Whole.
In 2007, Pastor Deidre received the Call of God into Ministry through Romans 10:15 and was licensed as a Minister at The Family Church Intl. in Pasadena, CA where she also began teaching at Unity University, Bible College & Seminary.  She combined her Under-Grad studies and received a Bachelor's Degree in Religious Studies, with an emphasis in Prophetic Worship.  Then in 2013 she earned a Masters in Theology and received her PhD in Theology in the May of 2023.
In 2013 she was ordained as the Pastor of The House of His Glory in Sylmar, CA by Bishop Jason L. Sample, Sr. Pastor of True Life Ministries Worship Center in Sacramento, CA. Since April of 2015 The House of His Glory has been a fully digital, online Church that integrates technology and the Word of God to reach the people who might not otherwise attend a traditional church.

Pastor Deidre has been married to Terrance C. Jones since 2001. They have one son, named Justice born in 2004, who is currently in college studying wildlife and zoology.

A self-professed “Bible-Geek,” Pastor Deidre works to ensure that members learn to walk in the fullness and power of God’s divine purpose for their lives. Pastor Deidre strives daily to live a life that is a living example of  everything she teaches.